FolioFocus Week 9 Roundup

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It gives me great joy to share some of the wonderfully wild illustrations created by our Spring FolioFocus Classmates. Responding to a book cover illustration brief, here is a snippet of what they came up with in just a week! For the full gallery be sure to visit: Spring FolioFocus Gallery

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FolioFocus Week 8 Round Up

This week, our FolioFocus Classmates had the task of creating some inspirational quotes with lush lettering!

 Created by Uli Kilinger-Barta

Created by Uli Kilinger-Barta

Bright colour palettes and bold lettering give these motivational motifs some added zest!

Here is a selection of what our classmates created.

These inspirational iterates will be sure to put some pep in your step.

 Designed by Rachel Schafer

Designed by Rachel Schafer


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FolioFocus Week 7 Round Up

Last week, our FolioFocus Classmates were given the task of creating illustrated recipes for They Draw and Cook - an online community which homes a massive collection of illustrated recipes from artists around the globe!

 Designed by Debi Hudson

Designed by Debi Hudson

Our classmates used their knowledge of the 'food and kitchen' class theme to produce meal time pictures and recipe cards.

Bright and colourful illustrations of kitchen utensils and delicious food items were assembled to 'cook up' a world of inviting recipe ideas.Here is a selection of what they created.

Mmm, so tasty! If you happen to give any of these a try, be sure to let us know.

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FolioFocus Week 5 Round Up


We are celebrating another week of fabulous art from our FolioFocus classmates. Working on the theme of everyday, with a special trend focussed twist, the designs created are gorgeous.


Hop on over to the view the gallery to see the rest of the wonderful designs. Classmates are always happy to be contacted about licensing, selling or creating commissions or simply to hear that you like their work, so feel free to get in touch!

Show Your Work: Meet Classmate Anya


What class are you currently taking?

FolioFocus Spring 2018

Tell us a little about you: 

My name is Anya Kopotilova, I live in Denver suburb, USA with my husband and two children. I work with a variety of media including watercolors, markers, soft pastel and digital applications. I was not always an artist, but  I truly believe it’s my calling and every day doing art is an adventure.

What brought you to the course?

Classmates from a different course were suggesting I join Folio Focus and I was so glad I did! I was and am attracted to the idea of 10 weeks of exciting and marketable assignments and contests. The community is fantastic- very kind and helpful.

Can you describe your process for us?

My process is inspiration driven, as soon as an assignment or prompt gets clear, I find part of it that catches my attention and start sketching out the ideas, they are then formed into an illustration or a pattern. I may start working on paper and move on to digital or do everything on my iPad from start to finish.


How did you go about working on this week’s project?

This week’s project took my breath away immediately – it is such a darling concept to draw objects from an old house. I had a quick look around on Pinterest for old houses and jumped straight into sketching, I first drew a simple outline of a room (I attach a floor plan I made for the little house I'm illustrating), then added furniture and little things, coloring them as I drew. I am working completely on my iPad Pro this time, trying to work as fast as possible before the ideas escape me. I have a very clear image in my mind and maybe even a little story.


Is this how you usually work?

I do work fast, I try to focus on an idea and see how it develops further. Sometimes it even takes me to a completely new direction and I want to try and hold on to little details that pop up in the process. Also, time is precious for me and I try to make use of every minute.

What are your favourite design tools and or programs?

I adore Procreate application for iPad Pro and work mostly in that, I also like Adobe Illustrator, though I am still learning it and it’s a long process. For non-digital media, I especially love gouache, markers and soft pastels.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Illustrating children’s books is my ultimate goal. I am also hoping to create an apparel or home decor collection one day.

Where can we find you online?

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 14.34.24.png


You can find me on Instagram:

and on my website

Wraptious Student Designs now Available to Buy!

Cushions from our talented FolioFocus classmates are now available for purchase on the lush design community website, Wraptious - How exciting!

 Abstract Marble Cushion By Elise Chevry

Abstract Marble Cushion By Elise Chevry


About the Art

Following a design brief from FolioFocus, classmates used their own perspective of 'Waves & Washes' to create these works of art.

Abstract, vibrant and playful colour palettes were the focus on week 4 - the classmates captured the surf and swell within their designs and created beautiful soft furnishings with some added charm.

Spruce Up Your Sofa

If you fancy getting hold of one of these gorgeous cushions; you're in luck. They're available for a limited time only, so be quick!

You can find the cushions on sale, exclusively for Wraptious here.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see more gorgeous inspiration and classmates' work!

Waves & Washes; FolioFocus Showcase Week 4!

Last week, our classmates worked to create beautiful abstract cushion designs for Wraptious.


Below is a taste of what’s to come as these gorgeous designs will soon be available to purchase for a limited so watch this space!

FolioFocus Week 3 Roundup: Mum’s the word!

Last week our Spring 2018 FolioFocus classmates created amazing and adorable cards and gifting designs for Mother’s Day.

 Soft & pretty Mother's Day Card Presentation By  Bénédicte B Barrett

Soft & pretty Mother's Day Card Presentation By Bénédicte B Barrett

FolioFocus: Student Gallery

Check out a preview of Week 3’s submissions below; visit the gallery to see more of the fantastic work they created:

Cute 'Llama Mama' Design By Lisa Norris

Each designer’s own perspective of Mother’s Day is diverse and distinct. Whether it's pretty florals or the cutest animals, these designs are just adorable!

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FolioFocus Week 2 Roundup: Sharing a little Wanderlust

Last week FolioFocus classmates designed wonderful scenes inspired by parks and the great outdoors.  Below is a preview, visit the gallery to see the great work created

It’s great to see the various approaches and how engaging each piece is.

Enjoy the rest of your week! 

FolioFocus Week 1 Round-Up: All Aboard for some New Nautical Art!

I am always blown away by the design responses FolioFocus Classmates create, this first week of class has been no exception! Below is peek at the Class Gallery, check out all the submissions here: FolioFocusSpring2018