Designer Spotlight: Adrienne Vita

Hello, please introduce yourself:

Hi, I'm Adrienne Vita and I'm an artist from Portland, Oregon.

If you could give your 10 years younger self one key piece of advice or an insight, what would it be?

To never doubt yourself or compare yourself, to keep at it and have loads of fun in the process. It's all about the fun!


When you feel stuck or in a design rut, how do you get yourself out of it and back on track?

Honestly, taking breaks and stepping away when you are frustrated with a piece you are working on. If it's a longer than one day rut, I think taking a break out of town for a weekend. A change of scenery can help. Long walks, hanging out with friends, daily meditation - just keep yourself uplifted in any way you can. The main thing is to not take the rut too seriously. All things pass.

What are your favourite design tools?

Paints, paintbrushes and awesome paper.

How would you describe your design process? Favourite apps and programs

I tend to stay off social media so I can get in my bubble and create. I love to listen to music or podcasts while I work. I record my dreams, I write and do lots of thumbnail sketches for ideas. Dance party breaks are a must.

What are some of your favourite design projects to date? 

I really loved this zodiac sock. I'm always pleased when a client picks the mystical stuff and wants to run with it!

Who are your dream clients or what is your dream project? 

Chronicle Books and illustrating a children's book. Maybe even write and illustrate. I've always wanted to have my repeat patterns on a clothing line too. Working with Hallmark and having some cards in their line would send me over the moon.

There has been an art supply sanction imposed and designers are only allowed to possess 3 items/tools, what do you choose?

Brush, paint and paper.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature, long walks, meditation, mutual artist friends I admire, vintage, photography, fashion and music.

Who would you say the greatest designer is?

Gosh, I never really have favorites because they are so many to admire but I've been into Charley Harper's work and David Hockney's paintings lately.

When I'm long gone, I hope people remember me as an artist.

Where you can find me:

@adriennevita on instagram

@adrienne_vita on twitter

@adriennevita on pinterest