FolioFocus 2016 Winner: Consultation with Jennifer Nelson!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 

The first of our contest results is in and I must say we were blown away by the standard of designs submitted! The goal of FolioFocus is to strengthen your portfolio and create a commercial body of show-stopping work, so we were thrilled to be able to offer the chance for a designer to receive a one-to-one consultation with Jennifer Nelson. Jennifer is a fantastic Art Agent with a wealth of experience and advice, sure to help any artist move forward in their career.

So without further ado, I'll hand over to Jennifer...

Sophie DuFrese

Sophie Dufrese People illustration

I like Sophie’s simple clean style and her use of a limited color palette
Her work evokes a feeling of a little community - it feels very welcoming to me, like a place I would like to stay for a while. 

Sophie's people are so interesting, I want to know them! The egret pattern (below) is very appealing to me as well.

Congratulations Sophie!

Tracey English

I just LOVE her work, especially that blue + white! 

Lisa Deighan

I especially liked Lisa's completely charming vintage cutout girl in purple.

Jasmine Jones

Jasmine's lettering is very elegant and pretty

Consultations with Jennifer Nelson

If you would like to book your own one-to-one consultation with Jenner, she is available to help you with everything from organising your art, what your strengths and weaknesses are... you name it! Pop on over to for more info and to book a slot.