Photoshop for Painters Class by Megan Dunagan & Brooke Glaser

Hands up, do we have any painters in the house? Keep that hand up if you find editing your lovingly created masterpieces in Photoshop in order to remove your backgrounds so you can rework them? Well, this one is for you! 

PSforP-Facebook 3.jpg

Megan Dunagan and Brooke Glaser spent over six months putting together a class for traditional painters who want to bring their art into Photoshop. It’s for artists both new-to-Photoshop and experienced alike and it’s called Photoshop for Painters.

About the Class

Hate tedious background paper removal? If you are spending hours manually erasing edges and little random bits of paper, the class has some tips and tricks to seriously speed things up for you. 
If a client asks you to change the colour of a single flower in your design? No biggie. Learn 5 essential ways to edit colour - some which take less than a minute.

Photoshop for Painters breaks down some confusing topics like DPI, resolution, colour space and file types, into easy to understand lessons so you can get the best quality prints out of your artwork.

Right now, the ladies have 3 free mini-classes *from* Photoshop for Painters. Great, right?!

All you have to do is sign up at this link for the details. You'll also be in the loop for when it releases and get information on how to pre-order: