BLUEPRINT EXHIBITOR: Rachael Schafer Designs


Rachael’s work has brought joy into the home, with a line of products from world market featuring cities and points of interest.
Her work has been given from one friend to another in the form of greetings from Artists to Watch and Design House greetings.
Her work has been printed onto a range of consumer products from water bottles to pet beds and toys.


At Blueprint, she will be showcasing work ideal for home goods, greetings and paper goods, wallpaper and products for children.
Rachael is equally adept and comfortable creating visually stunning work in watercolor, gouache, pen and ink as she is working on digital pieces.
She works from her studio in San Francisco and is as inspired by her home town in the hills of Appalachia as she is by the hills of her current neighborhood.

She can’t wait to work with you!