FolioFocus Pet Power

inga circus pets.jpg

Last week's assignment was all about the fabulousness of pets! True to form, classmates got creative with their inspiration and illustrations. Above is a super cute pattern packed with circus dogs and kitties by Inga Zwirschitz. 

Rita Martinez Ilarduya

It's always fun to see a little of the process classmates go through during the week. Here is a peek at how Rita reached her final designs featuring her lovely dog, Willow.

"I was looking forward to this pet power week because I have always wanted to create an illustrated portrait of my wonderful girl Willow (see photos:) and also find character design quite a challenge 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.49.24.png

I usually start putting a moodboard together then draw inspiration from it for my sketches...."

Rita dog sketches.jpg
Rita dog sketches 2.jpg

I think her final collection for back to school and stationery came out great! 


Leticia Plate


"Hello! This is the week I’m sharing some of my creative process... I always have a sketchbook on me to put my ideas down. Most of my sketching happens in my head, while I’m doing something else.

When the idea is ready, I do a quick pencil drawing as the base for my line art, which I render using a brush (or an ink brush). Finally, I scan the line art with my phone (with a scanning app), and send it to either my computer or iPad, where I clean it up and play with colors- Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate are the apps I use"

One of the great advantages to working through your ideas on a digital platform is that you can quickly figure out placements and ideas, as you can see below.

More Fabulous Pet Patterns and Illustrations

Here's to another creative week!