New Designers Directory: Would You Like to be Included?


In a few weeks time, we will be launching a new Designers Directory, which serves two key purposes:

1- a place for you to showcase a preview of your work with your website link and

2 - a place for potential clients to come and find designers specific to their needs through the ability to filter the directory by helpful categories, so they can easily look for in-house designers, licensing artists, designers looking for representation... 

As this is a new addition to the RDS site, I'd like to open up the opportunity for you to submit to feature in the Directory and give it a whirl for a month or two for free. 

The Designers Directory will be open for submissions until Sunday 26th November, ready to launch on 1st December. Designer's Info Cards will be live for at least a month. During this time I will be looking to see if there are any inprovements we need to make.

Here's a sneaky peek at how it will work.

Important Info:

  1. Max 3 images + 1  optional About me (see below video example of an About me image shown in a Designer's Card)
  2. About Me spec: Title font: Arial Bold 13pt, Body Font: Arial 13pt, size 500 x 319pixels. If adding an image or coloured background to your About Me text, ensure the text is easy to read. Here is a basic template.
  3. Your first image can show your logo (optional) to act as a cover image. Images are cropped to a rectangle in the preview, please bear this in mind with the images you submit
  4. Please ensure you only submit low-resolution images (>1.5MB per image). Jpg or png files only
  5. Save your images in the following way: Your_Name_Design_name.jpg
  6. It is a good idea to add a subtle ©YourName2017 on your images
  7. Not all submissions are guaranteed to be featured at this time, however, if you are not shortlisted, you will be invited to submit again 
  8. RDS reserves the right to remove reject any inappropriate submissions
  9. By submitting, you confirm that the artwork is your own and does not infringe on any other's copyright
  10. Deadline Sun 26th November 2017 (midnight GMT)

Submit Below Using the Form Below*

Please note that you cannot edit your submission yourself, so please check your spelling and links carefully before sending.  

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