May Trade Shows

After Show Meetup - NYC

Hello Rise Design and Shine friends, we are fast approaching Trade Show season and as many of you will be heading to NYC for Surtex and Blueprint, we thought it would be great to arrange a little meetup. 

This will be a chance to celebrate a successful first day of the Surtex and Blueprint over a drink or two, mingle and swap notes about the two shows. It's a gorgeous venue with pretty NYC skyline views, perfect for catching up with old friends and meeting new ones :)

Please add anyone coming to either show to this invite yourselves, and feel free to share in other groups. All are welcome to join us (exhibitors, walkers, partners friends, the more the merrier).

The lounge operates on a first come, first served basis, so check back a couple of days before to see if anything has changed. Guests must be 21 and over

Hope to see you there!

BLUEPRINT Preview Part 1: Surface Design & Print Trade Show, New York

Angel Gerardo

Blueprint May 18-20

with Brenda Manley Designs

Exhibiting at Blueprint 2
Zesti - Ine Beerten

Metka Hiti - Hiti Design represented by Dot&Flow

Exhebiting at Blueprint May 21-23

Nastja Holtfreter

Exhibiting at Blueprint Show 2: May 21-23

Dot and Flow Design

Exhibiting at Surtex, 21-23rd May

Designs from:

Natalie Williamson

Metka Hiti

Sareka Unique

Gabriella Buckingham

Hollie McManus


SURTEX Preview Part 2: Art Licensing Trade Show May 21-23

Shannon Hays Design & Illustration

Showing at Surtex

Show exhibiting at: Surtex Booth #2723

Emma McGowan

Surtex Booth #2723

Exhibiting with Four Corners Art Collective


Surtex Booth 2723


Kimberly Shrack: Manayunk Calligraphy

Exhibiting at Surte

Lisa Kirkbride
Showing with Finch & Foxglove Art Collective at Surtex

Leticia Plate

Surtex, NYC 2017 Booth 3235

Shannon McNab

Surtex Booth 3037

SURTEX Preview Part 1: Art Licensing Trade Show May 2017

Good Morning, as the countdown to Trade Show season continues, it's our pleasure to give you a taste of the eye candy that will be on display (and available for licensing and purchase) this May from our insanely talented design community! Two key shows: Blueprint and Surtex, will be running next month in New York City.

We're kicking off today with some designers showing at Surtex - enjoy! 


Agency: Brenda Manley Designs


Courtney Beth Keller

Surtex: booth 3026

Member of the Finch & Foxglove

Elizabeth Silver

Exhibiting at: Surtex (#2917) and Licensing Expo (#H94)
Represented by Jewel Branding

Finch & Foxglove members showing at Surtex booth 3026: 

  • Adriana Bergstrom
  • Bryony Clarkson
  • Courtney Beth Keller
  • Laurence Lavallée
  • Lisa Kirkbride
  • Natasa Kaiser
  • Sharon Montgomery

Angel Gerardo

Surtex May 21-23 with Brenda Manley Designs

Lizzie Clark Designs

Exhibiting at SURTEX

The Pattern Social: Jessica Hogarth and Jules McKeown

Exhibiting at Surtex

The Patterned Peacock

Exhibiting at Surtex