FolioFocus Online 8-Week Workshop

Next class starts 3rd Sept 2018


About FolioFocus

An intensive 8-Week portfolio building workshop, designed to help designers to expand their portfolio with outstanding, fun and commercial designs that Art Directors and Licensees simply can't get enough of.


•Week by week, we challenge you to get creative and push yourself to design commercial work in a fun and positive way.

•We begin by looking at your work & client focus before jumping right into key themes. 

•We have created exclusive trend insights and colour stories to add a competitive edge to your portfolio, complete with advice and tips for how to use them while remaining true to your style.

•Midway through the course, we have a new Review & Catchup Week where we will be holding video art reviews to give feedback and tips on essentials such as composition and layout for those who wish to have their work critiqued. 

•Classmates have access to the classroom until the 31st December 2018 and the private Facebook group is left active as a place to continue for classmates to continue to share and communicate with each other in the future.

Have any questions or requests? Feel free to drop me an email.

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Check out one of our class showcases on Print and Pattern blog here

You will receive access to our private Facebook group with other FolioFocus designers to share progress, ask questions and receive peer feedback.