FOLIOFOCUS: KIDS! 4-Week Portfolio Building Trend Workshop


FOLIOFOCUS: KIDS! 4-Week Portfolio Building Trend Workshop

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FolioFocus K1: Starting on Monday 2nd September - 29th September 2019

FolioFocus KIDS was created to help designers expand their portfolio with outstanding, fun and commercial designs that Art Directors and Licensees simply can't get enough of.

In this class, you'll learn how to tailor your work to the kids market, incorporating considerations and tips for different product types. We'll challenge you to get creative and push yourself to make great commercial designs, in a fun and positive way. You'll receive exclusive trend insights and colour stories, adding a competitive edge to your portfolio, plus we'll give you advice and tips about how to use them while remaining true to your style.

Class Session:
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Over the 4 weeks, we'll also cover how to make a cohesive collection, and share a useful design critique checklist to help you create your most sellable work yet. 

Classmates are invited to join our private Facebook with other FolioFocus designers to share progress, ask questions and receive peer feedback.


Video Reviews/ Q&A Session

We will be holding a live recorded video session, reviewing work submitted for feedback and answering your questions.

Next Steps Bible: A Helpful Guide To Reaching Clients – You’ve completed the class. You’ve created great trend aware art, now it’s time to put it to work! This insightful document has aids, advice and resources for how to reach new clients, where to find them and how to present your work.



Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Class Content: The Class content is delivered in a password protected online classroom. Access to the internet is required.  

Classmates have access to the class for a month after the class so you can continue to work on any briefs you miss or want to return to.

Software and Hardware: Most classmates work using a combination of traditional and digital methods. Your usual working practice is absolutely fine for this class however if you wish to try your hand or improve your knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator we are happy to support you with that. Please use our tutorial and ask in the group for help if needed.

Prerequisites: We have classmates from all works of life and in different stages in their creative journey and with different goals. The class is tailored to work equally for those new to the industry as well as those who have lots of experience and need some trend insights or a creative boost.

Check out some of the stunning art creates in our previous workshops below.