Our Studio

Studio RDS is our the home of fun, bright and bold body of work. Focussing on the female and kids demographic we have a strong portfolio of designs created for a myriad of products and markets. Please get in touch to see more!

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Womens Prints & Patterns

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Toddlers & Tweens

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Abstracts & Geos

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We're a creative, fun and hardworking bunch, creating commercial patterns, prints and illustrations for a wide variety of markets focussed on the women's and children's demographics.

Until we can meet you in person at a trade show, let us give a virtual hello!


Metka Hiti

Hi! I'm Metka, a professor of mathematics who fell in love with surface pattern design and Illustrations. I work from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since I was a little girl I was drawn to sewing, DIY projects, drawing, and making things with clay, but these things have always been just a hobby of mine till now.  In 2015 I took ABSPD surface design courses, SillShare courses and made a lot of patterns.

My style is hand drawn, layered and I also use paint brushes, stamps, and wax crayons...I hope you enjoy my work!

Instagram: @hitidesign

Natalie Wiliamson

Hello, I'm Natalie. Surface Pattern Design, Illustration and Graphic Design is what Ido. I love lettering, lush colour combos and pretty patterns. Coming from a background in fashion retail with positions under my belt such as Visual Merchandiser, Online PR & Social Media Executive, Management and Marketing, I bring a happy mix of experience to everything I tackle.

Instagram: @nattwillsdesign

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Sareka Unique

Hey there! I’m Reka and I live and work in Michigan. I studied Graphic Design at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, my passion for art, design and making pretty things led me to the wonderful world of surface pattern design. I enjoy turning my doodles into beautiful prints and patterns.

My style can be described as bold, colorful and unique with a tribal flair. I enjoy seeing my patterns on home decor, stationary and gifts. My hopes is that my patterns will bring a unique touch into people’s home.

Instagram: @sarekauniquedesigns


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